Issues in a fast changing world 2012 – Pre Release booklet

Hello Y11! This is the post you have been waiting for. The pre-release booklet was opened today and this is what we found inside. If you would prefer to view it as a Powerpoint –  you can download that here.

Here is what you do for our first lesson back after Easter…

(1) Read through each resource carefully

(2) Make a list of all the geographical vocabulary used in the booklet

(3) Identify any words or ideas used in the booklet that do not make sense at this point.

(4) What do you consider this booklet to be about? A list of themes or ideas is fine – even better if you attempt to present the answer to this final question as a concept map.

Hope you have fun looking through it, seems like there is plenty for us to talk about!

Mr Renshaw


Negative impacts of iphones for consumers

Hello Y11. To keep us on track for our time in the ICT room for your research, it will be a good idea for you to complete the activities featured in the booklet at home over the Christmas period. Bring your completed work in with you for our first lesson back after Christmas! Any problems with this just drop me a line.

Your view of Leicester’s future

Hello Y10!

Your final task on the work we have completed on Leicester involves you communicating what you would like to see happen to Leicester in the future. This needs to be your own opinion but, it should be an opinion which is informed by the work we have covered on Leicester.

This worksheet contains instructions and suggestions about how you could set out your vision for the future of Leicester.

Good luck!

Y11 Decision Making Exam

Greetings year 11!

Following our first issues investigation some of you lovely people requested that we put electronic copies of the exam resources on the blog, so…

Click here for the resource booklet

Click here for the higher paper

Click here for the foundation question paper

Year 7 Urban models

Hello Y7!

Here is the link to the voicethread so you can finish your presentation about your model.

Also, you can download the help sheet from this link.

Progress Review Day 2011

Hello Soar Valley Geographers!

From this post you can access some geography activities you can complete during progress review day.

Y7 – You have been investigating some work recently on the land-use patterns in cities in the UK. To help you further investigate this topic. Visit this website

It shows the land-use pattern for a typical city in a less economically developed country. Investigate any terms on the model that you do not understand and make a note of the major similarities and differences between the two models.

Y8- You have recently been investigating some work into migration and displacement. In your next topic you will be investigating “Fantastic Places”

Visit this website and select three images that you think show a fantastic place. Copy each image and underneath each image explain what you feel makes that place special.

Y9 – You have been investigating the importance of the planet’s atmosphere. As part of this work you will have been generating some questions about the atmosphere that you want to know the answer to. Take this opportunity to find out the answer to two of the questions you would most like to investigate. Be set to share the answers ready for your next geography lesson.

Y10 – You have been investigating some work into the Arctic as an Extreme environment. Recently there was a BBC series on the Arctic.

Watch the episode and answer the following,

How do different groups of people use the Arctic?

What do you think the future holds for the Arctic?

Also, if you need to finish off your annotated diagram of physical processes and landscape features in the Arctic, you can download the cards from here

Y11- You are in the process of completing your controlled assessment into the issues surrounding the impact of fairly traded products on people. You will be unable to complete this during progress review day. Instead you can spend some time, preparing for the next unit of work we are to complete entitled “Is the countryside in crisis?” A good place to give you some background information to this unit will be this Newsbeat article

Issues with Fair trade

Hello Y11!

After continuing our investigation today into the positive and negative  imapcts of Fairtrade on people, Miss Hunnings showed me this recent article in the Guardian. This may well be a useful addition to your research… Give it a read and be prepared to discuss it at the start of our next lesson.